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2 hours ago, CraigGT said:

It's just a thought but 50 years before 2.8 update was released, Apollo 11 was on it's way to the moon.

I wonder how the two's relative computing power stacks up :-)





Lol... Helix could probably have run every system in the LEM, with enough processing power left over for a leper colony in Calcutta.

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From what I remember, the computer only had a 2 MHz CPU and 4k of RAM. 

I don't think today's NASA can make toast without getting their schlong caught in the toaster.  I wouldn't be surprised if them having issues getting back to the moon were true.

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Just listening to a guy who was part of the Honeysuckle tracking station team in Australia at the time.  He said that their computer was the size of a wardrobe and had 32k of memory.  It was an amazing achievement for the time, but what a shame it was merely a prelude to bigger and faster nukes.  


There's a really nice film, "The Dish" following the moon landing, set in the Parkes observatory which played a key part in relaying coms.  


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