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Helix Rack Back Panel Machine Screws


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40 minutes ago, mbarbara said:

Does anyone know the specs of the machine screws that hold the back panel of the Helix Rack on? One of them fell out of mine during transport and I can't find it anywhere.


If all else fails, pull out another one and take it to the hardware store...

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7 minutes ago, mbarbara said:

Probably gonna have to do that. I'm just haunted by visions of losing that one in the process.



Sandwich bag...;)


And buy 2 or 3 of em when you get there, just in case. I stripped a screw replacing a clutch cable just the other day...assorted profanity plus a 20 minute round trip to Ace Hardware, and I was back in business. Honestly, you'd probably be done with the whole thing before somebody gets back to you with the right size, lol...good luck!

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