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Pod X3 Pro As Usb Interface.....how Do I Monitor Guitar Through Mix?


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I'm sure there has to be a way to do this but here's my issue (found it with POD HD bean as well). I'm using my X3 Pro into Sonar X3 via USB as my interface. I want to be able to control the level of the guitar I'm tracking through the software rather than the guitar feeding directly through the outs as then it is too loud and I can't track it balanced with the rest of the mix and it throws me off.


So what do I change so the live guitar feed is muted through the direct outs and is only managed through the mix in my Sonar?



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If you are using the X3 as your interface, you should connect you monitoring solution directly to the X3 (or Bean), it becomes your soundcard.

I do that, run the XLR main outs into my powered monitors. The problem I'm having is that the guitar patch runs straight through to the monitors out of the X3, which makes it difficult to balance in level with the music and tracks being played back through my DAW. Is there a setting to mute the direct guitar signal out of the X3 so I can control my guitar level through my DAW channel I'm recording thus balancing it out to more able accurately track with what's already recorded?

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