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Why Speakers models are all squeezed to ~-15dB?


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As per title; I don't get why the speakers models are that low on the PC+. This makes all speakers very weak, and even cranking the Powercab all the way up, that's still not enough for gig.

If you take as reference the LF-RAW mode (which is set to 0dB), you get way more punch, which is what I'd expect when using the speaker simulation.


Anyone has a clue why L6 decided to use that low level?


I know I can put them all back to 0dB, this is exactly why I'm curious. At 0dB they sounds SO MUCH better, and the overall volume available it's finally good enough for gigging or monitoring properly during live... so is there something I'm missing here?


Any clue?

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6 hours ago, spikey said:

Protection? That's the only reason I can think of to lower the outputs that far down in power levels.


This was my first thought too, but does it make sense? The FLAT section, with LF RAW and LF FLAT, they are all set to 0dB, and in fact the volume it's way higher. Also, I see no clipping when raising the speaker dB to around 0.


I understand that IRs needs to stay to -18 because they need much more headroom to not clip, but I can't understand why they did similar with speakers.


Anyway, there is a new manual for the Powercab, with 212 and all latest things. Unfortunately on the aspect above it's even more confusing than the old version. :)

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Maybe one of the experts or D.I. can answer this. Yea it makes no sense to have LF RAW and Flat set to 0 DB and the others at -15 DB, so my "protection" guess was wrong. Could have been something simple like last second tweaking as well. 

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I just got a helix and powercab 112 plus and I am wondering what the best way of setting the volume is? I read somewhere that you should set the helix volume knob all the way up? Or should we set the speaker to 0 db and than what do we do with the helix volume and then the cab volume? I also think I read somewhere that you can some how set the helix to unity gain?

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This difference is logical.

In speaker models, you have no cab sim before.

If you use FRFR, whatever the mode, you can have nothing just a studio amp for an acoustic guitar or you should have a cab sim for the amplifier. And the add of this one reduces the dB level.

I know that some just uses the amp block with FRFR Raw mode, i know it can sound good but IMHO it's a mistake, and i don't understand what they send to the FOH . It's exactly the same that sending an amp sim directly to a FRFR speaker.....


I've done my setup like that and i have the same difference. The FRFR modes are set to 3dB and my speaker models are between -8db to -10.5dB (if i go further, it starts clipping).

I have my level Helix knob between 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock.


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