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Helix Floor 2.80: MIDI channels reset to base after update

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Wondering whether anyone has seen this issue after updating to 2.80. My presets with MIDI program and CC outgoing messages in the control center were all reset from channels 2 and 3 to base channel. Interestingly, when I looked at them in HX Edit, they showed still being on channels 2 and 3, until I changed a snapshot, and then it would show base. So it still knew they used to be 2 and 3 before forgetting. Also, all the other information, e.g., program and CC numbers, are unchanged. 


Im not sure whether I did something to cause it. I did play with the global settings while I was fixing those after the update, so it’s possible I did something that caused it. Not a big deal, just a pain going through every preset with MIDI messages and changing the channel numbers for every snapshot. But I’d like to get to the bottom of whatever it was so maybe others won’t do the same thing. 

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