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PC+ pair with different cabs and mics LEVELS question.

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Just trying to find out if I am thinking correctly on this. Scratching my head a bit ...


So I have a pair of PC+'s setup with a different mic and cab. Both are also set at -15db out.


The PC+ Line outputs are what I'm reading on the audio interface meters.


i noticed on my Apollo meters that one channel was hotter than the other, so I leveled them manually on the mixer channel outs before the DAW inputs.


I then noticed that different cabs and mics in the PC+, all set at -15 db, are not nessesarily equal output wise, at least on my Apollo Quad. 


The easy work around is to just tweak the channel gains a bit, but.....since I don't know how hard this was to do- Did Line 6 just get these in the ball park lvl wise and call it good? Is this "normal"? What say you?  I'm thinking that maybe it is ok given that some mics are hotter than others etc. etc...


Anyone else see this? 


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