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Helix multi block footswitch labels


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Prior to 2.8, if a switch had more than one block assigned, its label defaulted to "MULTIPLE (2)", but when you went to customize it, it defaulted to the name of whichever block was currently active, i.e., had its parameters showing. For instance, for a switch that turned on a drive and an EQ, you'd want to name it after the drive, not the EQ, and not "MULTIPLE (2)". To do that easily, if you made the drive block active then hit Customize, the label would default to the name of the drive. That was very handy, since you didn't have to type out the name of the main block.

As of 2.8 that no longer works, customizing it defaults to "MULTIPLE (2)", same as the default label. Is there some other way to copy a block name into the switch label? If not I'd consider this a bug. Not a showstopper obviously, but worth fixing.


I've reported it in the Helix Bug Reports thread, and submitted a ticket on the Line 6 site.

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I suspect the behaviour was changed intentionally (so not a bug) in response to those who expressed their preference that was exactly opposite to yours. They would argue: "I don't want to name it to the active block. I want to customize it - so no default is desired. Leave it at Multiple so I can change it to exactly what I want."


If you want to customize it to the name of the Drive you can easily do so.

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I don't get this: "Leave it at Multiple so I can change it to exactly what I want"


If you want it to say "Multiple (2)", don't change it.

If you want it to say "Eat At Joe's", just type it in, it doesn't matter what it defaulted to.

If you want it to say "Tone Sovereign", yes you can type it in, but with the old behavior you didn't have to, just make that block active and hit Customize.

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