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HX Effects - MIDI; footswitch off = clean channel, on = lead channel?

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I bought an HX Effects yesterday, absolutely loving the tones and functions.

Now I am looking to delve into using MIDI to change the channel on my Blackstar Series One 45; to change from 'Warm Clean' with an Orange LED to 'Super Crunch' with a Red LED, changing between these two on a footswitch press.

Any advice please? This is the first time I've ever used MIDI and I'm not fully sure what to do.

Thank you all.

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First, read the manual (both of them, MIDI and Command Center).

In HX Effects, Global, MIDI, set MIDI PC Tx to OFF. This prevents the HXFX from sending it's default PC# when switching presets.

In Command Center, set an IC (Instant Command) to send the PC# required (per the Blackstar Series One 45 manual - there's 128 choices!). In your case, if you want the HXFX preset to load WARM CLEAN, set the IC to PC#2 on that preset. If you want another preset to load SUPER CRUNCH, set the IC to PC#4.

Likewise, if you want to use a Stomp to switch channels within a preset, set that stomp to send the appropriate PC# per the Blackstar Series One 45 manual.

Don't forget to save the preset!

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43 minutes ago, hellview666 said:

I can't "man mode" this one.


MIDI is like that, every implementation is different.

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