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Guess it's long overdue to say: Thank you!


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Hey Line6,


for the last couple of months there was quite some fuzz (pun intended) about when the update will finally arrive and why on earth you even dared to give us an ETA when you couldn't- bla bla bla


I won't deny to have had similar feelings - you can't change your feelings, but how you act on them, you can... And I guess I speak for quite a few people when I say this anger and frustration about how things went down is just another proof of how much this community cares and how passionate we feel about these products; how we just couldn't wait to get these immense changes. And .. this is basically .. a good thing? I guess?! 



My Helix is almost 2 years old now and over that time period I .. practically got a new Helix in features on top, without.. well, paying anything. 


You are certainly not in an easy business and the competition doesn't sleep, which makes the effort and love you put into seemingly minor details even more impressive. I don't know how many other companies drop a bombshell like that with so many quality of life changes for free- and I don't care. I cannot remember being that satisfied still with an investment that big after that much time.

You work your butts off, and it shows.

You guys are awesome!



Without going into the whole sound debate, which I am heavily underqualified to take part in anyways, I truly believe the Line6 Helix Floor is objectively the most intuitive, most flexible, most fun to use and sexiest guitar processor out there. 


And you just made it even better- immensely better; .. yet again- 


Since this is not nearly said enough, nor thought enough I fear

for all of that,


I Thank You.








PS: Exiciting times lie ahead of us, ladies and gentlemen :) - Hopefully I'll have my third Helix in 2 more years 8)

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I was not surprised that sometimes, companies don't meet intended schedules. But now that it's dropped, what HAS surprised me is the depth of the update!!! I believe Line 6 has fulfilled their design goal that Helix would be a platform, and they've done it with style. They got it right.

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As someone who came from the HD500x model where improvements were purchased as model packs I agree completely.


I can't think of another product I've used that has had as much improvement for as prolonged a time - ever.


As a member of this user community I'd love to see greater recognition of the work the Line 6 team does from the community.

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I agree.   For me this update felt like a new amp day or new pedal day,  the exact same feeling as holding something in my hand, but for free.   What a freeling.!!!

what drove me to get a helix was the functionality already present in the unit.  What will keep me here is the updates. and constant improvments. 

This update had a lot under the hood and if what i'm putting together is the updates will be better and the L6 team can really get down to bisiness with the platform now. 

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Yes this update is pretty big imo. 


I haven't even tried the new models yet. But the fact there are now shelving, and tilt, EQs that really helps fill some gaps in regards to tone shaping. 


The new functions really have me excited. The UI improvements with the joystick, and rolling across the chain & the pac-man expansion. The QWERTY stuff is what has me smiling, and nerding out. It helps in the studio for us recording guys a lot.


One thing I was thinking of last night that had me smiling was:  I can free up the tablet I use for remote DAW transport controlling (from the mic stand)now can be strictly for lyrics, since I can control Transport parameters from my floor controller. 


Now when I actually do get to trying the new models, I don't doubt that it will be an even better update for me!  One of the next guitars I go to ReAmp I have been setting aside for use of new models, seems like the Rev is going to be for that one. Hopefully I will get finished with laying out this sax on a separate song, then I can dig into ReAmping that guitar.


I have had my Helix setup for about 3 years. Rack+floor control+exp pedal, and Helix Native. 

With every update I get more happy about the platform, and reassured it is the platform for me. The first time that really happened was when they released Helix Native, and it was compatible (and sounded the same) as/with the hardware. That right there showed the trajectory of my wants/needs was more parallel to Line 6's trajectory than any of the other modelling/profiling options. As of today it seems that sentiment has only grown. 


So... Thank you Line 6! 

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Thank you!
2.80 firmware for me is the (non?) public beta quality. I appreciate it was released, but to make an aware decision to be a beta tester I would rather have "Known Issues" section of the release notes to be complete.

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