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Patch Request of the following guitar Solo


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Hey Folks! 


So I have this one guitar solo from a japanese band called "the GazettE". 

Their lead guitarist has got an awesome guitar tone, which kicks lollipop in my opinion. 


I am trying to get my tone near to the following guitar solo, but I cant get something good out of my HD500X it. I know. That's sad. 


Maybe someone, who is more into their HD500X, can replicate the guitar sound? 


I would be really thankful, if someone is willing to do so. Since you're working on it, I will be even willing to pay you.


Its especially the guitar from the "second" part of the solo, which is played by the guitarist Uruha. 


Greetings, Nalfeyn. 

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On 7/23/2019 at 10:49 AM, pianoguyy said:

no one is going to hear the correct tone based on a lollipop live video


Did the videos get swapped out since you posted this? They don't sound bad at all on my setup... the first one is actually quite good. 


On 7/23/2019 at 8:58 AM, Nalfeyn said:

Maybe someone, who is more into their HD500X, can replicate the guitar sound? 


The tone in the intro... and the solo beginning at 2:58 in the first video you posted? I don't use my HD500 anymore since I got a Helix... I can point you in the direction I would go. That's a warm, thick, beefy tone.... immediately reminiscent of early Van Halen.


Try some of the Van Halen "Brown Sound" patches that are available... they will get you close to this.

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