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Wet Dry Rig


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Hy guys, and happy 2014!

I am stuck into the quest of my graal tone in the wet dry rig thing...

What i am trying to do is sending a line to my real amp and cab (with compressor, distortion no amp Maybe a slapback delay) doing my dry sound, and a separate line to my L3t with amp simulation and modulation effects, making my wet sound.

I have tried with an fx loop block mix to 0 but this way i send a distorted sound to my L3t and i don't want it.

I have tried with a dual path but i cannot have two separate outs... They always sum...


Help needed!!!

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It is possible from what I have read here. 

I thinks it entails hard panning in the mixer each channel and ensuring no FX summing the two signals.

Further search should find it.


I tried a similar approach with the idea of getting a clean middle amp with wet and overdriven stereo amps.

The hurdle I found is how dual amps work.


I did try using a rack reverb fx as a splitter.  

Running a loop at the beginning chain on the HD500.

Tweaking the reverb wet so it sounded natural into a keyboard amp. Center amp.

The dry from the rack back into the HD500, then relying on analogue sends.

It would of been good to work out how to get the dual amp block happening.


I suspect I can make it work by using dummy cables on the loopFX send and return.

I m sure it is all possible and a real advantage to the HDPRO DI out.

I want a center amp for chorus and verbs and to me just works better  with differing fx to high gain models sent to stereo amps.

Even the clean center totally dry works to allow an attack and really gives an edge. 

It is not everybody's tone, but is is used by plenty of


Let us know how you go especially if you can get the center dry going.

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This setup will do what you want, a separate wet and dry signal from within the POD.


The link below is a patch that sets up two separate paths within your POD.  Modify them as you see fit but keep the mixer settings and do not add a mono effect after the mixer or you will lose the channel separation.  As for outputs, each XLR sends its own separate channel and will not sum to mono.  The only out that sums to mono is the left 1/4 and only if you do not use the right 1/4 as well.  If you use both 1/4 outs they each send their own separate channel signal just like the XLR's. - thanks to silverhead for the patch.

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Ok guy! Tried the patch you gave with my amp and L3t and it worked just fine connected with jack outs.

Just one thing...inside the patch there are two different inputs selected (aux for input one and guitar for input two if i am right), so i used a split cable out of my compressor pedal going to the two different inputs...

Maybe i could have reached same results selecting input 1 guitar and 2 same and not losing channel separation, but this way it worked.

Anybody tried something different with better results with just guitar plugged into pod guitar in?

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