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HX Stomp - Summing EQ blocks into an IR?

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I've been loving the HX Stomp for the past month or so, but there is one limiting factor that I can't seem to find a workaround for.  What I would like to do is sum several EQ blocks into a single Impulse Response in order to save DSP power (like was done in this video).  However, unlike in the full Helix, the USB in/out selection options in HX Edit seem to not be nearly as flexible on the Stomp.  This means that when I try to use deconvolution software to make the IR (I'm using the Impulse Response Utility through MainStage), it won't let me because I can only chose USB 5/6 on the input (which are the re-amping slots that bypass the Stomp's effects) and the only output option is the 1/4 line outs on the back of the Helix.  Therefore, when I do the audio sweep to make the IR, it doesn't work because the sweep doesn't input through the helix effects and won't come out through USB (unless I'm doing it wrong...). Does anybody have any ideas on how to get around this?


Here are some links that have gotten me close to an answer, but I'm out of my league here when it comes to understanding how to get what I'm after...  Thanks for your help in advance, this is my first time posting here!  

-How to use the Stomp as an audio interface

-How to make an impulse response on a mac

-Converting SDIR files to WAV

-Relevant forum discussion



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I don't have the Stomp, but on the Stomp diagram USB 5/6 inputs do not bypass any DSP blocks and 1/4" out is hardwired to USB 1/2 inputs.


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