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Pocket POD control with MIDI (using Raspberry Pi W)

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I saw a post back in 2016 asking if it is possible to add MIDI foot switch to Pocket POD.

(Here is the link to related post


In the below link you may see my solution for controlling Pocket POD using Raspberry Pi W as a MIDI controller.

This video shows Pocket POD connection with Raspberry Pi Zero W


Program runs on Raspberry Pi Zero W. It is also working on Raspberry Pi Model B.

You may connect your cell phone or tablet to Raspberry Pi to change presets etc. on Pocket POD.


Also I have added buttons and Pots to Raspberry Pi via IO Pins.

Therefore I can control Pocket POD with hardwired buttons and potentiometers.

I modified a volume pedal to add wah wah control on Pocket POD.

Here is the method   Volume pedal pot ---> MCP3008 (ADC) ---> Raspberry Pi(running PD) -----(MIDI Control Commands) ---> Pocket POD


* Only OTG cable required to connect both devices

* At the end of the video I tried Wah Wah with tablet's motion sensor. I forgot my tablet does not have motion sensor :).

But it works with my phone. Shake your phone and you get Wah Wah effect.

See other videos for PD Patch, GUI Interface and text descriptions:

Demo with Pocket POD connected to Raspberry Pi: PD & MIDI Configuration:

PD GUI remote connection demo:

RoboRemo remote connection demo:


Tablet GUI for remote (WiFi) Connection



Pure Data (PD) Program on Raspberry Pi W



Android Cell Phone connection over WiFi




PD TCP Connection for Android



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