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Power Up! HX FX Alternative PSUs


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I have a Pedaltrain PT2 and I'm thinking about trimming down to a Metro 20 or 24. My pedal rig is pretty straight forward, TC Polytune, some kind of OD, a rotating pedal (fuzz, phase, etc.), and HX FX, so there's a lot of bulk on the board that I don't need. I've got the MXR Mini Iso-brick. It has an 800 mA and (4) 300mA outputs. Can I use a current doubler cable to combine the 800 and a 300 to get 1100mA for the HX effects? I was watching a Cioks video and it was showing the HX maxing out at around 1.01 amps. Do current doublers merge current or only double if the two ports are the same, i.e. 300+300=600, but 200+400 would not be 600? It's a small change, but not insignificant to streamline my setup. I saw that the 'Line 6' adapter (2.1 to 2.5) reverses the polarity, so you have to get an adapter to reverse it again. Annoying haha. I've worked out a way to get all this stuff on the PT2; I have a mess of extension Y's under the board, the 2 wall warts, etc. If I switch to the smaller board, that rat's nest won't work. I imagine I could shave off a good 3-5 pounds if I go to the Metro.

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