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Hx stomp problem..again..


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Alright so a bit of backstory. I got my hx stomp back in March, everything was fine until it started freezing up on me and when it froze I can’t switch patches. This would’ve been bad because my band has tons of different patches needed to play a set. Wasn’t a problem though because line 6 took care of me, I sent it back pre paid shipping, and they sent me a new one about 2 weeks later. Completely free, and since then it’s been great, no issues, it’s basically my amp and everything. Until today. I’ve been troubleshooting for awhile now and it has to be the hx stomp. Basically my cab just has a ton of static right now and noise. It’s so loud I can’t even hear my guitar over it. It’s never been like that. I tested all different cables, running straight into my power amp and checked everything, but every time I plug back into the hx stomp it gives off the noise. So I tried different guitars, cables, and in every type of configuration but still nothing. I tried changing wall outlets to see if that helped but nope. The only thing I haven’t done is update it to 2.8 but I’ve seen many reports of it breaking the helix so I’m waiting on that. Any help to figure this out is appreciated.

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It's honestly hard to diagnose that stuff from far away.


Do you have all of your line out vs. instrument out set correctly?


Did you change anything BEFORE the sound started. Was it really just after the update?  Because if global settings reset after 2.8 that might have changed what you originally set it to. 

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The only thing I haven’t done is update it to 2.8 but I’ve seen many reports of it breaking the helix so I’m waiting on that. 


I would say that the majority of people that updated to 2.8 had no problems installing it. I didn't either.

I would also say that a lot of folks didn't bother reading (altho a few did and still had an issue) the patch info before starting the update.

It "might" fix your problem. Roll the dice and be not afraid I say!!!

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