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Are more Limited Edition Amethysts coming?


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Personally, I wouldn't trust GC to give me the time of day without screwing it up. Inventory- related info that appears on the websites of any Big Box retailer is about as trustworthy as your local news station broadcasting a weather forecast for 3 years from next Tuesday. Half the time they can't reliably tell you what they already have in the building that day, never mind what may or may not show up a month from now.


Then there's the guys who show up in a panic every couple of months because the computers at GC, Sweetwater, or wherever have (again) declared that the JTV's have been discontinued... still waiting on that, lol...;)

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58 minutes ago, phaseshift said:

But he also says the rest of the Standards have been discontinued as well...


I rest my case... if it's close enough to lunch and/or quittin' time, they'll tell you that Dunlop medium picks have been discontinued just to get you off the phone.

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