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Spider VMKIi and HX Effects


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If you are asking whether or not you can load external IR's into a Spider amp, the answer is no. The amp and cab models are imbedded into the amps software and can only be changed through a software update from Line 6. That said, there are a ton of different cab models in the Spider software that can give you a wide range of tones. 

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I have HX Effects and a V 240hc.  There is no send/return and all of the modeling associated with amps in the Spider V contain their equivalent of the IRs for those different cabinet options.  I don't think using the IRs in the HXE are going to do much for you.    The only way to use the IRs in HXE is in front of the amp, and the najority of IRs are designed to emulate only a cabinet. 


The IR blocks in HXE are great for acoustic guitar IRs.


If you get something figured out that you like the sound of, please share the info.

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