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Some Observations Using 2.8 with Variax and PowerCab


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I have just installed 2.8 on my Helix rack and 2.0 on both of my PowerCab Plus cabs. I also use a Variax with the latest firmware.


I decided to start setting up one of my presets to control both the Variax and PowerCabs. I can select this preset and it will change the Variax model, the Variax tuning and the PowerCab speaker model. Now when I select one of my other presets, it would be nice if the Variax and PowerCab would go back to default settings, but they don't. So, if you have 30 existing presets and you only want to force Variax tunings on only one preset for example, you will have to go and force Variax to standard tunings on all 29 other presets. Same with the PowerCab. Some questions:

  • Can you somehow set Variax and PowerCab as a global setting across all presets but then as a per-preset setting on just a few?
  • I couldn't find a way to use snapshots to select the PowerCab speaker model. Is that possible?
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4 hours ago, spikey said:

I don't think you can do both a "Global" and "Per-Patch" setting on the same control.


It's either one or the other IIRC.


Somebody correct me if needed- thanks.

Yes, that makes sense.


It would be nice if on the presets where you are not forcing Variax parameters, the Helix could tell the Variax to just configure itself using its current control knob positions.


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