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USB output level vs XLR and 1/4


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I've been experimenting with XLR at Line Level direct to mixer instead of 1/4 Line via direct box, but it got me wondering about setting patch levels over USB to a DAW.   I've been setting patches at around -18 to -20 dbFS and it's worked pretty well for consistency to the mixer.

So if you make other changes such as going from mic level to Line level or turning off the Helix input pad, this will most likely result in the engineer having to change your channel input gain, but levels from patch to patch should still be fairly consistent, correct?

And Helix input pad changes would require patch changes to get back to the -18 dbfs whereas changes in output from mic to Line would not.
How about a change in Global EQ "make up gain" level?   When I first flipped to XLR Line from 1/4 Line level, the engineer had to reduce my input gain from unity around 11 o'clock on the knob to about 8 o'clock.   This is ok and sounds fine --- still gives him enough flexibility but I did think about engaging the Global EQ and turning down it's level parameter so he could set me closer to unity.

I now use the 1/4 out at instrument level at home which is why I switched to XLR at the venue.



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What would you you like to discuss?
-18dBFS for distorted sound can be much louder than -10dBFS clean because it usually means peak value. 5dB input pad basically lowers amp gain. Nobody cares about unity gain when amp modeling is involved. The unity gain on your picture is just the particular preamp design. To what scale "U" relates? -20/+20 or -15/+65 ?


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The only reason I had to change from 1/4 Line via direct box to XLR Line was a desire to run 1/4 instrument level at home.   So far our mixer/sound engineer is ok with XLR at line level.  Another option is engaging the Helix Global EQ Level parameter, to reduce signal sent to mixer, as long as it doesn't require any patch changes.

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