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Revv amp with Powercab and LF RAW


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We discussed here the last two weeks how amazing Powercab sounds using the LF RAW mode. First, I thought I have to use in Helix an amp with cab. But I also tried LF RAW out only with an amp. After tweaking the sound with EQs, I was astonished how good it sounds – and how much power the Powercab has …

I would like to share my preset for the Revv amp using the LR RAW mode – from crunch to lead sounds. Try it out. And please give me your feedback.

The preset is shared hier: https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4527729/


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I downloaded and played your preset yesterday. It sounds KILLER. I saved it to my Helix. 


I did have to change a setting in the output section of Helix. The way it was the Powercab wouldn't switch to LF Raw on it's own. I changed the setting from "Global" to "Preset", and that did the trick.


So not only did I get a cool preset, but you also helped me to figure out how to link the PC and helix with the L6 Link.

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During the last 6 weeks I tried to improve my Helix/Powercab preset for the Revv amp – you will find V2 here:


There are 8 snapshots for different sounds from clean to lead sounds – the clean snapshot was added (using a different amp because the Revv amp is not made for that) … Other snapshots were tweaked.

Have fun! I would appreciate your feedback …

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