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I have a Line 6 Bogner tube amp spider valve 112. One day I was playing all was good. I unplugged my shortboard  from the amp (forgetting to turn the amp off) now it still plays and makes noise I can control the volume, but all the lights are flashing different colors and the knobs (other than master volume) have no effect on the sound coming out of the amp. I've taken it to an amp repair place and the guy ended up providing terrible service, had my amp for a good 4 months, and nothing was ever done with it. So I need help bad this is my very favorite amp I've ever had and it wasnt cheap. SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE

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Needs servicing at a Line 6 authorized service center. Either a failing cable or a short on the control interface board.

And it may be time for a tube swap (always use the specified tubes as stated in the posting here on Tubes).


Log a support ticket in your account.



Do not do this yourself, the shock hazard is too great. Take it from me, been zapped a few times myself,... it hurts.


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