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Helix Floor 2.8 sending midi signal on patch switch

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When I've got my Helix connected to ableton, every time I select a new patch, it sends a pitch bend signal to ableton, which makes programming buttons across multiple patches really obnoxious. Any idea how to stop this from happening?

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In Globals-MIDI turn OFF PC Send.

By default, on preset load, Helix sends:


MSB 0 Value 0

LSB 32 Value Current Setlist # (0-7)

Helix MIDI Preset# (0-127)


It used to also send CC#61, but that appears to have been fixed in 2.8.


If you turn off PC Send, it sends nothing.


If you're still having that problem, use a MIDI monitor tool like MIDIOX (or whatever the MAC equivalent is) to find out what it's actually sending.

There might be a monitor tool in Ableton, I'm not sure.

You might have to do a complete Factory reset to solve the problem, but first find out exactly what the problem is. 

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