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Recording Guitar(s) With Backing Track


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I want to record with a backing track!


I just got Pod Farm 2.5 recently and am using the UX1 interface and am looking to do something that I think should be fairly simple, but of course I have not much of an idea how to do this.



I have looked around a little bit and to be honest I am not a professional recording musician, so I am totally lost. So I have the Reason Limited software that came with my Pod Farm and that is all I have. I simply want to be able to record guitar part(s) while playing along with the backing track, and I want the backing track to be recorded in Reason Limited.



I am good with technology and all of that, but so totally brand new to all of this guitar technology so I don't know where to start. Honestly, I find Reason Limited to be a little confusing, but I am able to make basic recordings so I thought I would be able to figure it out, but not having any luck.



If anyone here has done this or can recommend a way to record my Pod Farm sounds while also recording the backing track I would appreciate it a ton!







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yeah sorry... ableton was far from the only option.. just assumed that since it generally comes with.. it would be a good place to start.


if you want easy try mixcraft , they offer a demo... 75$ if you want to own it.


if you want low cost/free try reaper they have a trial that never expires.... 40$ if you want to own it.


again plenty of other options out there... these are just some of the better ones IMO that are low cost.


i'd advise staying away from any open source 100% free software such as audacity or kristal, as they tend to not be 100% industry standard and compliant, and are reverse engineered as best as could be done most likely.

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