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That Fullerton Nrm Amp!!


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Hey everybody,


I gotta admit that I really love the new firmware update! Though I’m not completely done checking everything out yet, I definitely fell in love with the Fullerton Nrm amp. In my opinion it fits all my needs for ambient/post rock music. 


Here you can see what tones I created with it so far. 



what are your thoughts on the Fullerton Nrm?


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Realize this is an old post. Very nice guitar playing, great tone! I agree, the Fullerton NRM is pretty amazing. I didn't even know what it was until last night, and it's not listed in my owners manual/pilot so I had to look it up. 5C3 1958 Fender Tweed....

My ears didn't lie to me, before I looked the amp up, I noticed in the mids and lows it had a sweet sag. I backed that off from 5 to 3. I love sag, as I have a late 50's early 60's rectifier in my 05 Dr. Z Maz 38, nice harmonic compression. The other thing I tried to do was clean it up a bit as it had some nice break-up.


Then I decided to look up the amp to see what it's heritage was all about. First thing it talked about was Sag, how it had a sweet sag in the lows/mids, then it talked about break up.... I was like YEAH! Wow, L6 nailed it to the "T".


So, I've been playing with it as clean as I can get, and have a Zendrive in front of it. WOW... Blown away with stock cab and mic setup. Haven't even played with IR's yet. Maybe I won't so I can keep my ears clean to what I already like.




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Been experimenting with getting a really good sound from Variax Acoustic models as EQ and Compression was just sounding lifeless.

Fullerton Nrm Preamp with Drive Norm on 10 and Drive Bright on 0 and Sag boosted a bit gives a lovely valve compression with a hint of breakup when pushed that still maintains fullness and clarity when backing off to light finger-picking. Using a Cali EQ in front to shape the tone and reduce the level a bit

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