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Anyone making/selling Variax transplants/hybrids?

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Awhile back I picked up a hot-rodded JTV with a Moses Graphite neck and JBE pickups, and it immediately replaced my other JTV as my #1. I love the thing.

Thinking I want to sell one or both of my Moog E1's to fund a custom Variax (ideally with either HD or vanilla JTV electronics, but Standard would do in a pinch), but don't know if anyone is making them.


I see a bunch of folks here have some customs, and some of you make them yourselves, but hoping there is someone out there who can make a custom Variax. I have an unused Aerodyne Strat that would look *awesome* as a Variax that I'd love to have converted.


Any shops out there doing either custom builds (of their own guitars) or custom assemblies (using customer-provided parts)?

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