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Tones Crashing Rack after 2.8


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I've been having a few issues loading some of my tones. Firstly, I had a “Cannot load tone” error message and crash, which resulted in my rack rebuilding it's presets when I turned it back on again.

That was a few days ago, not had much Helix time since.


Today I got the same error message and crash, but it started OK without rebuilding. I went straight back to the tone which crashed and it loaded OK but as I was working through the setlist I found a few tones which loaded up completely empty, until I hit return or double mouse clicked on it again, after which it loaded properly, weird. Moving on, I then found a tone which caused everything to lock up, no error message. After turning back on, I couldn't change tones with the Helix's select knob, it would just freeze up. I could change tones within HX Edit though, I could even load up the troublesome tone itself with no problem, but I began to realise that if I loaded it after going from one of the other tones which needed double activation, as I described earlier, then this would cause a total crash.


I thought I may as well try Rebuilding with the new 2.8 presets, this would clear everything out which I thought may help. I've backed up and saved all of my setlists, both pre and post 2.8 with the appropriate editor for each backup. So, held 3 & 4 while turning on, got rebuild message, and it just stayed there......... I waited 45 minutes, turned off, tried again, no joy. Tried 3 times in all without success.


I seem to have 'kind of' fixed it by overwriting the setlist which had the troublesome tones with another, then reloading the troublesome setlest elsewhere, so I basically swapped user 2 for user 3 and visa versa. All tones now SEEM to load up OK. Fingers crossed.


I haven't tried rebuilding 2.8 presets again yet, think I'll leave well-ish alone for now.



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On 7/28/2019 at 7:51 PM, Andy1175 said:

....I seem to have 'kind of' fixed it by overwriting the setlist which had the troublesome tones with another....




Forget that.  Just had another crash/freeze when selecting a tone, then a preset rebuild on restart.  :(



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You're preset(s) would likely be a gold mine for the firmware developers for squashing these bugs. Please open a support ticket with Line 6 and include your setlist/preset(s) with instructions for how to reproduce the errors. I'm sure they could then run this whole thing under a debugger and figure out exactly what is going sideways and fix it.

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