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HX effects - almost dead top panel.


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Here's an odd one...


After not having touched the unit for programming in a very long time, I thought I'd check out the new snapshot reselect feature as it could be quite useful to me.


As HX edit (rather inexplicably) has no access to global preferences on the unit, I leaned over and pressed the Home button. Nothing. Then the Hamburger. Then turns out all my buttons on the top panel are dead except rotary dials 1 and 2 and the left and right arrows!


I'm pretty sure this is nothing to do with 2.8 which seemed to go nice and smoothly for me (as I say - it was months ago that I last pressed anything other than a stomp button with my foot).


I've raised a ticket of course - just interested to see if anyone had seen anything similar before, or has any suggestions of things to try, whilst I wait for an L6 response?



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