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Pod HD500 Expression pedal not working


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My HD500 expression pedal doesn't work. It switches between Exp1 and Exp2 (have to push it very hard though), but it doesn't affect VOLUME\PAN settings in presets.


I tried to update flash (2.62), rollback flash (2.31), and god knows how many times I tried ro calibrate the pedal:


1) power off the Pod Hd500

2) press Right Arrow

3) power on the Pod Hd500

4) press View to show the Pedal Cal line

5) set the pedal to min position, press A, got 100 on Duty

6) set pedal to max position, press B, got 100 on Duty again

7) press C

Here in manuals the reaction from 0 to 255 is expected when pedal is moving, but nothing, it's still 0.

After that I press D, power off\on the device and crying in distress.


Is this sofware trouble or I should go to a fix guy? If latter, what shoud I tell him?

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4 hours ago, iotriado said:

Hi ,

ts_zhigmytov I have the same issue. (in calibration process, in C step the value stays 0 when moving the pedal)

Did you found any solution? Is this a hardware issue or not?

Please share.




Remove the bottom panel of the device by unscrewing only the screws along the perimeter (don't remove the central ones) and check if the ribbon cable connecting the pedal small PCB to the main PCB board is still firmly plugged in both PCBs.



All about POD HD500/X

help and useful tips

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