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Need help in trying to figure a metal bands tone.


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I've been messing around with various amps but having trouble nailing down the best one- take a listen and if you're willing, help a brother out with finding the best amp & settings for this tone:



There are actually 2 guitars playing the same thing (I've seen them play it live back in '92 or '93 and remember both guitarists playing identically) - don't think it's a chorus effect on the guitars either. Would also appreciate an idea of a 4x12 they'd be using, because THAT I have no idea and don't recall from when I saw them.

One of my favorite metal albums ever! The whole tone, mix, everything about everything just amazes me.


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Not sure about the cabinets to use, but it sounds pretty heavily scooped.  Maybe try the 2204 Mod amp, with the mids cut, and that "boost" setting setting to a negative value in a mid to high frequency band.  Also, maybe add a para EQ afterwards with another mid cut, with a high Q value, somewhere in the 650-1 KHZ range? 

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