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Input Impedance On Pod Studio Ux2

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Hi there Line6 users!

Do you know what impedance use the Pod studio UX2 in Instrument inputs (active and passive) and in Line inputs? I' ve done a weird thing but it can work IMHO: I've plugged in the line input my little guitar amp through the phones output but the recorded guitar make a lot of noise. Perhaps must I put a DI box between the amplifier's phones output and the pod and connect the the DI box output to a Pod's Mic input?

Thx, and keep on rockin'!

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Have you tried plugging your guitar into the UX1 instrument input and plug your amp or other powered speakers or headphones into the UX?


If you goal is to record, the results will be much better.


You can capture wet and dry in your DAW then reamp the dry with the POD Farm plug-in post processing.

It is a workflow many use, and IMHO an awesome thing.

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Thank you very much Triryche, this is a clever solution but what I want is to record the specific sound of the guitar amp whitout mike and whitout a balanced amp output (because the amp did not have that). My idea was to use a DI box through the only amp output, that is the phones output and bring the signal to the Mic input of the Pod. Could be some impedance issues? (sorry for poor english xD)

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I'm trying to do a similar thing: connect SPDIF or Analog output on my amp's RCA input to mic it.



I'm also trying to find impedance specifications for Toneport UX2, because I want to safelly plug effect pedals (such as Boss OD) on the Line Inputs, at the device's rear

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