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A Good 6g6-b Bassman Tone Pod Hd Pro-x


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just wondering if anyone has monkied around with a decent brownface era bassman tone? that in between stage, not quite tweed not quite mid range hollow black face kinda thing.

ive been dicking around with  the bf twin model trying to up its content , bringing more mids into it and dorkind around in the deep settings but its just not there yet.

anyone else have any tips or stories about trying to achieve something simillar?


also line 6 why dont you just damn well model a 6g6 b bassman, i mean cmon! its one of the most glorious amps out there bar none!



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I wouldn't count on any blond era models, but you never know.  I'm no expert, but my guess is the amp section may not be much different, other than maybe the output transformers and/or PSU -- a similar response of which could be tinkered with using the DEP amp Sag.  I'd think turning 6L6's or KT66's into 5881's using the Bias & BiasX might be the closest match, so there are a few options there.  Unfortunately, you can't alter the preamp section, but some gain pedal placed in front with the drive turned down low might give you the type of sound you want there? 


Have you tried the Divide 9/15 6V6-based clean channel (first drive knob)?  The 5879 preamp tubes in the that model are supposed to have a fatter sound than most preamp tubes.  Maybe...leave the amp DEP Master maxed like a real amp (and so you can actually hear the DEP knob changes); then turn down the Bias X for more crispness and/or turn the Bias up for more aggression.  Adjust the Sag to taste.  The PhD Motorway might be another option if the preamp section doesn't produce too much gain for you.  If not, I think you'd just need to tighten up those KT66's like with the 6V6's, and adjust the Sag to taste again. 


In other threads, we've discussed how some the preamps in the amp models respond to different input levels before the drive knob.  You can try driving amps with an eq model for a more subtle or crisp attack quality.  Whether it's different than adjusting the amp drive knob depends on where in the amp model's preamp section the drive knob is applied.  If it in the first gain stage, there won't be a difference. 

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