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Keep Firehawk FX with new amp?

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I have a Firehawk FX. Generally happy with the tones, although the lag switching patches live requires creativity.


My existing amp is starting to die, so I'm looking for a new one.


Should I get a new line6 modeling amp (and control foot board), or just another regular amp?


I'm not concerned with "it must sound exactly like this", and more just making cool tones that I like (and sometimes sound a lot like the songs I'm covering). So I'm that regard, having a regular amp paired with the Firehawk FX has been ok, even though I know I'm not getting the exact tone that's being modeled, at least I can get sounds I like to play.


In retrospect I wish I had bought a (TBD) amp and foot controller instead of the fire hawk, but since I already have the money sunk...


So do I buy a new modeling amp and foot controller and sell the Firehawk? Or just buy a new regular amp?

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You might want to post in the Firehawk forum. This is more for HD/Helix. I'm not aware that Firehawk integrates in the same way with the Line 6 amps.


You could always try FRFR if you are happy with the Firehawk. That way you are just amplifying that.

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I have moved this to the Firehawk forum.


i recommend you either:

- get a new modeling amp of your choice and sell Firehawk; or

- get an FRFR speaker and keep Firehawk.


There's no point in using two amp modeling devices. And you'll need a more complicated setup (4CM) as well as more skill and experience in preset building to effectively use a regular amp with Firehawk.

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In my opinion, the Firehawk FX is more useful than any current modelling amp out there ('cept maybe the Firehawk 1500 for obvious reasons).


My advice would be to keep the Firehawk and get a flat response speaker.

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