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Model selector not activated

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It hapened recently, after plugging in the jack cable in the JTV, the model selector won't get activated after pushing it.

Guitar stays in pick up mode.

Battery indicates 4 green lights.

It works again after putting the battery out and back in.

Small thing but it could get worse.

Any ideas?


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-Battery contact

-Battery box power management circuit

-Loose connector inside

-Loose connector outside

-Circuit board glitch

-Not using a 1/4" cable with a Tip/Ring/Sleeve plug

-If it's a JTV-69,... a loose retainer nut under the volume and/or tone control can result in an intermittent chassis ground, and can effect a number of functions, including Model engagement.


It should be troubleshooted by a Line 6 authorized service center.


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I seem to recall something mentioned somewhere about the selector switch. The thing was that when pushed extra hard the knob moves down the shaft a bit and then won't work properly. The fix, as I recall, is to pull the selector knob off and put a shim in it to raise it up enough so that it engages the switch mechanism. Sorry, I can't remember where I saw this but it may be worth a try in your case.

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