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Is the NUX PMS-2 trash for amp switching?


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I bought a PMS-2 on special and I've been struggling to get it working with my HX FX


I've got the midi channel saved (Channel 1), I've got the Assign settings saved (set to Latched  closed) and the Switches saved (to Latched open). The buttons will change the the two channels of my amp (ENGL Ritchie Blackmore E650), but the midi from my HX FX (Bank/PC, Ch:1, Prog:1) will only fire both channels to closed (and open again if I use Bank/PC, Ch:1, Prog:0)....


My amp has 2 channels but allows for 4 combinations (Lo-Clean, Hi-Clean, Lo-Gain, Hi-Gain).


How do I get the PMS-2 to independently send messages to change between these 4 combinations?


I'm starting to think this midi switcher is garbage. I'm so fricken confused.

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I think you're on the wrong forum. Unless someone here has experience with both the NUX and the Engl,which is not likely. You'll probably need to be on a NUX forum (or support).


That said, I'll have a go....


17 hours ago, simmerswitch_ said:

 I've got the midi channel saved (Channel 1)I've got the midi channel saved (Channel 1).......the midi from my HX FX (Bank/PC, Ch:1, Prog:1) will only fire both channels to closed (and open again if I use Bank/PC, Ch:1, Prog:0)...


HX FX sends MIDI PC#s 0-127. It's not clear from the NUX manual, but my guess is that it sends 1-128. Therefore, PC#0 on HXFX = PC#1 on the NUX.


DISCLAIMER: I don't own either the Engl or the NUX. However, I'm pretty good at reading/deciphering technical manuals.
Here you have a Chinese manual and a German manual translated to English, possiby by a native Hindi speaker. No wonder you're confused. I'll do the best I can.


Create a preset to use for programming the NUX. This will only be used for programming the NUX.


In Command Center, set buttons to send PC#s on whatever channel the NUX is set to receive on.


EDITED to change PC to CC

Set button 1 to CC#1. This will be CLEAN-LO
Set button 2 to CC#2. This will be CLEAN-HI
Set button 3 to CC#3. This will be LEAD-LO
Set button 4 to CC#4. This will be LEAD-HI


Connect a stereo cable from Switcher 1/2 to CLEAN/LEAD-GAIN/BOOST.
Enter ASSIGN mode on the NUX.
Press button 1 on HXFX.
Configure the NUX 1/2 buttons for CLEAN-LO (1 and 2 OFF or whatever works).
Press SAVE.

Press button 2 on HXFX.
Configure the NUX 1/2 buttons for CLEAN-HI (1 ON 2 OFF or whatever works).
Press SAVE.

Repeat the process for LEAD-LO/LEAD-HI.


Assuming it works, you can now assign PC#s 1-4 to HXFX ICs and buttons as required.


According to the Engl manual, "Channel switching Clean - Lead (mono terminal)" I assume means TIP.
"Gain Lo - Hi (stereo terminal)" would then be RING.

As I interpret the NUX manual, if the button light is ON that = circuit ON, If OFF = circuit OFF.
If flashing, start over.

Switcher 1 is TIP, 2 is RING.

Keep in mind I haven't had my coffee yet. I'll do that now. Let me know how it goes! 





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Thanks for the great reply, really appreciate it!


There's been a few users here who have tried the PMS-2 for amp switching cos the HX FX can't switch a lot of amps, thus the post.


The English manual doesn't even mention anything about send a PC signal from the message sending unit to the PMS-2 whilst saving the switchers, so that really got my hopes up!


Gave it a try and nothing seemed to work. I can only switch both channels on or off using Bank 1 and 0 from the HX FX. Pressing stomp buttons on the HX FX with bank 3, 4, 5 (any other number) whilst saving in the Assign setting doesn't seem to do anything different.


What also doesn't make sense is that no matter what bank number I choose on the HX FX, it will fire the PMS-2's save state. So bank 1-127 seems to be irrelevant (bank 0 will "unset" the save state).


I think this NUX stuff is junk.

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My Bad! Told you I hadn't had my coffee yet!


The JVM uses PC#s to recall complete presets, which include channel info. That's why sending PC#0 does what you described.


It uses CC#s to switch channels. Just change the PC#s I listed to CC#s (simple, not toggling) and it should work. I've edited my post to reflect that.




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On 7/27/2022 at 10:01 PM, jarabob said:

NUX can only restore the saved state of switches by midi. I think you need 2 quick Program Change commands to switch your amp channels. One to switch on and another to switch off.


Three year old thread...

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