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Pod HD500 wont turn on


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I've got a pod hd500 that wont turn on.

sent to the only local repair line6 center, and they told me: you can trow in the trash.

So, with this in mine, and with electronics skills, i've opened and find out that, if i short a component(a little smd capacitor) the pod works.

Sincerelly i dont wanna judge the techstore, but i would like jest to fix the pod.

Is there any chance to get a copy of the schematics in order to find a replacement and fix it?


thanks to all

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Hi to all

thanks for replying.

Well after spending a couple of hours around the board, i've figured out what was the problem, and really, its even worst for the repair center at this point...


The problem was a non touching solder joint just after the dc plug on the ground pin, just before the first component on the power supply line...


Did the tech dont realize? or for them is easy to tell the customers "trow in the trash", charge the fee and let buy a new pedalboard?


If the schematics its available it will be helpfull, i know at least 4/5 guys with the same multifx that have got the same reply from the repair shop...



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In fairness to the shop (because we aren't there having the conservation).... 


One of the guys my store uses; he tells customers

It is $100 for me to come to your house and look at your unit. I collect at the doorway before I enter. 

When the customer says "can I bring it to your shop", he says 

It is $200 to bring a unit to my shop, I collect at the doorway before you enter. 


And the reason for this - 

People end up not wanting to pay to have their units fixed. The guy drives around all day to people's homes, only to have them not have the work done because it is too expensive. And if you bring to his shop, he gets stuck with products that people just abandon when they find out how much to fix. 

In this case, it's $200 to buy a used unit or $500 to buy a new one. If he charges $65 an hour plus parts... first he has to investigate to figure out what's wrong. $65

Then he has chase you down to see if you want it fixed and for how much - which will be another $65 plus parts. You are at $130 for a unit that can be bought for $200. 

Then he has to wait for you to to come pick it up and pay him. 


And, here's the kicker, because he is an authorized agent, he doesn't get to buy $5 parts from an online dealer. He has to use "official" parts, which cost 10x the price. 


If you can fix it yourself for $5 and an hour of your time... go ahead. But it will cost way too much to have a professional repair it. 




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  • 11 months later...

So I just salvaged my pod hd 500x from a house fire. The pod was in a garbage bag so it was protected from water as it sat there fro months. Don' leave anything sit in an unoccupied house for a long period of time without a no trespassing sign anybody can go in there and take anything. So the pod looked fine from the outside and whenever I opened the inside up it looked in brand new condition. My old power chord was broken so I ordered a new one. The new one isn't working with the pod either but thankfully I had someone who knows what they're doing with electronics there with me. He got his electric test kit and we analyzed the electric signals and everything we tested worked right so far. We tested the cable an it worked too. We opened the pod even more to where we could lift the motherboard out of the case. Everything still looked fine. After opening the pod even more we exposed the solder of the female power input. The 9 volt female power input didn't intake or output any power which way it is I don't know. The female port that I plug my chord into doesn't work, so he ordered two new ones of the same size just in case if we messed one up we have the other. We do some soldering and the board may be fixed. Whenever we do it in about two weeks I wil come back to this page to give an update. Were going to be spending very little compared to how much I would buying a whole new board. Do this if you really like your pod and need to save money. We all can save money. Look up online to know how to test if electronics are working with a tester. Then what you need to do. Nearly everything is replaceable on a motherboard but the chips and the motherboard itself. This will probably void your warranty. Please be careful.

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