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Volume pedal trouble

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I set up my volume pedal 50% back (at heal position), and 100% forward (at toe position),

 I set this up for my rhythm tones which I would like to play leads on from time to time by going from 50% to 100%, however there are certain leads that I want at 100% all the time, So I set them up for 100% as back position and 100% at forward,  The problem I’m having is I switch from my lead back to one of the rhythms the only way it goes  back to 50% is if I step on the heal end of pedal,  is anybody else having that problem or has anybody had that problem with the fix to it?

 I suspect it may be where the volume lies within the effects chain  on my 100% lead, but  i’m not sure as I’ve tried putting it in different places and had the same result.

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Looks like thru trial and error I answered my own question. 

If I turn off the volume pedal (via the app) on my designated lead tones and go back to a designated rhythm tone within the same bank, then the rhythm tone is at the proper volume.

Seems like a bug in the software, in my opinion I should be able to leave the volume pedal on for my lead tones...this would allow me a little leeway when we play out and my band mates inevitably tell me my leads are too loud or not loud enough..

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