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Need Help With Sound Quality From Ux2

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Hey guys, I've been a user of Line 6 digital interfaces for about 2 years. I currently own a POD x3, and a UX2. However, for the duration of my time with them, I am STILL unable to achieve high sound quality. It took me til now to realize that when I listen to the clean tone (pre-Pod Farm), it sounds incredibly muddy.


I am led to believe this is my guitar's pickups that is making the quality suffer, but before I go drop $200+ on some DiMarzio D Activators for my RG7321 (yeah, Im using factory pickups), I need some other ears. Is this the UX2 just not living up to par, my guitars pickups, or just something stupid like my guitar cable?


Here's a clip of me recording a clean track, then POD Farm added. See how lollipop it sounds? I've been trying to work around this for a year or so in mixes. Cannot take it any longer.

(Sorry about the clipping on the clean track, forgot to turn down the volume knob.)





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