Well, I do know that if you have updated your firmware it should rebuild the presets on first boot up. That's just to get the onboard presets up to the latest standard revision.
  After that you may find that, if you have added any new presets from HX Edit and they were in and older format, the next time you spark up the Helix it will rebuild the presets again. This time it should be faster because it really only needs to rebuild the ones that are not up to date. So, if you have changed a whole heap of presets or loaded 30 or 40 freebies from custom tone the they will need to be brought into line with the new format.   If it becomes really annoying then turn off your Helix and hold down foot switches 10 & 11 while you power up the Helix. This forces the rebuild routine and when it's done then it should remember they are now up to date. After that it should only happen when you load up any older presets.   That was a long way round, but I think you should understand it.
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