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DT25 Combo firmware upgrade help

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Hi All.


Now that the Helix 2.8 firmware will run L6 Link to my DT25, I’m thinking ‘bye bye HD500x, Helix here I come’. 


I understand that I need to check that my DT25 is running firmware 2.0 for things to work properly. It seems that I have to do this using the midi sockets at the back of the amp so I need something that is USB on one end and MIDI on the other. Line6 recommend an M-Audio Uno for this. I don't have one of those but I have one of these and I'm wondering if it will work:




I have no midi cables so I'm thinking do I buy a pair of MIDI cables and hope the Presonus works or do I just buy the M-Audio thing? Has anyone tried a firmware using a Presonus? Does anyone know if the midi capabilities I have in the Presonus are suitable?


Either way it seems a little frustrating that I have to shell out for £30 of cables just to check if my firmware is the correct one (I'll have no use for either set of cables afterwards). It's there any other way to check? I bought the amp used so have no way of knowing.



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You'll likely be thrilled with Helix with DT.  I base that on the fact that I've never met or chatted with anyone who was disappointed.  It's great!  By great I mean WAY BETTER.


If you have a helix try it and if the controls from the Helix don't work you will know...it needs to be updated.


I do not know if your audiobox will work but it can't hurt to try.


...but check this out: https://www.google.com/search?q=m+audio+uno+midi+used&ie=&oe=


$15 bucks(!) and you won't need midi cables which will cost you nearly that much anyway.

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OK, so I bought some MIDI leads and I can confirm that Line6 Monkey 1.78 found my amp - no issues at all with my Presonus Audiobox 22VSL.


Therefore if anyone else needs to know the answer, now you do.

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