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Stones fuzz tone help


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Hello Helix community,


I'm working on a preset for playing Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones, but I'm having trouble getting close to that fuzz tone.

So far I have the tone as attached to this post. It is essentially a Fuzz pi followed by aTop Secret OD. I did that as I could not really get the tone using only the available fuzz models.


Would appreciate if someone would have a listen and propose some possibilities to get closer to the tone of the record. The clean tone is good enough for me although could be a bit more dirty. No worries about that.


(Please note this patch is to be used live.)


Thanks !!!


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I'm getting awesome results using this chain:

strat with humbucker set to bridge (use a heavy pick picking close to the bridge saddle - original recording was a '59 les paul)

obsidian 7000 fuzz (original recording was a Gibson Maestro fuzz-tone)

US Double Nrm amp (original recording was a fender dual showman)

Bitcrusher (just a little gain 13.5, mix 29%)

eq low and high cut (low cut off, high cut 6.3kHz - this keeps the highs from being to harsh)

'63 spring 

transistor tape delay

eq with mid gain boosted

volume patch (52%)


you can stick a hard gate after the bitcrusher if you want

I created a second snapshot with the fuzz off for the verse



Screen Shot 2021-04-10 at 12.42.20 AM.png

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