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Hold for tuner sometimes changes tempo too

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I have had my Helix Floor for 3 years, and as time has gone by, my tab/tuner switch has started to malfunction. When I hold to enter tuning mode I will sometimes get a tempo change to a very low tempo too, and as I press the switch to exit tuning mode, I will sometimes get a tempo change to tempo 240. As the warranty has expired, I opened the chassis to see if there were any components inside that could be changed, but it looks like the micro switches which are underneath the foot switches are hardwired to the system board inside.
Has anyone found a solution to this problem? Can the microswitches perhaps be cleaned in some way using a special electro-lubricate of sorts? Or does anyone know what it costs to change the whole top system board inside? I was hoping for a fix with the latest patch, since the release notes said something about dirty switches and a bug fix, but the problem remains.

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