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POD 2 Won't share!

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Hello, This has probably been covered a million times, but I couldn't find it. When I have a you tube site open for guitar jams, or a site like guitar, And I want to use POD farm2 Stand alone as my choice to jam along to..soon as I click on the POD program it stops my audio in the other programs. It doesn't do this when I choose my Guitar Rig 5 stand alone program.  They both work simultaneously!  I have win 10 my interface is Behringer UMC 404 HD.

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Are you using the Behringer interface to listen to the online music?  From your description, it seems you might be using your computer's built-in audio card.  You can only use one at a time on a PC (on a Mac, you can configure aggregate sound cards).

You need to disable the internal soundcard and use the Behringer for your internet audio as well as PodFarm.

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12 hours ago, ron-e-g said:

Thanks fflbrgst for your reply... Never got a notice!


Yes, I have disabled the other sound devices.

So you still have the problem, or is it solved?

If it still stops the audio on youtube, it could be because the Behringer will only accept one input at a time - either your guitar OR the internet audio.  I'm guessing the Behringer does  not have drivers of its own, you are using a generic driver like WDM?  Maybe try 'ASIO4ALL'?

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Yea still. It is not a behringer problem I think. Does not happen with GuitarRig5. It is not just youtube but other streaming sites. The Uphoria 404 does have its own  ASIO driver as previously mentioned I have disabled the other drivers on my system.

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1 hour ago, Triryche said:

Are you using PF2 stand alone with a Line6 device?


No, he's using stand-alone with the Behringer interface.


To ron-e-g, you are mistaking drivers with devices.  You disabled other sound devices, not drivers (drivers are the software).  So when you are listening to youtube, it is through headphones or speakers plugged into the Behringer?  And as soon as you load PodFarm, that audio stops?  What happens if you minimize the PF window and restart the browser and select the youtube/audio again?

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