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Just got my Line 6 UX2 (with black front). In box there was Podfarm 2.5 CD included but i downloaded from internet.

Installed everything needed: License manager, Line 6 Monkey and Farmpod 2.59.

For some reason farmpod is not authorizing even tho my computer and UX2 are authorized under license manager. (images attached).

Also i can't load or save tunes, what the f am i missing here ??

I'm running windows 10.


Thanks in advance.






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Has this been resolved!? I have the exact same problem... only difference is that I have the first version of the toneport UX2 (the one with the red face plate)... I aslo had bought a model pack back in 2006, so it's very frustrating not being able to use it... 

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I'm having the same problem.


I installed the Pod Studio UX2 and Podfarm in my current laptop after years of not using them. Everything is up to date in the Line6 Monkey and all devices are authorized.


But apparently I lost all my models, even though the "FX Junkie" model pack is in the Line6 Monkey.

In the PodFarm most of the "models are not authorized" and I am advised to run the license manager.


I don't have the CD that came with the device and I don't even have a cd reader anymore...


Any hints?

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