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External Tap Delay Pedal

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I am trying to set up an external pedal to control the tap delay. Whenever I play live, the clicking noise from the foot switches gets amplified in everyone's monitor. It is not really a problem except for when I need to tap in my delays since you have to tap several times to get it in tempo. It may be an external mic that is picking up my switches, but I figured the easiest thing would be to just plug in an external pedal that is quieter. 

I have plugged in a down=on up=off switch from my keyboard. I expected this to work, but it doesn't. Any ideas? Is this even possible?

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If this is on a POD HD500 then no.

Need to be more specific of what gear your using.

You may have a dirty switch that needs replacing or

some kind of grounding issue with the pedal. 

Until I know more about your gear I cant say much else.

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