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Helix XLR out competely dry


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Is this happening with all presets? 


Try building a new preset from scratch, one block at a time, to replicate (including all block parameter settings) a preset that is problematic. After adding each block test the  XLR output to try to identify the block/structure that is causing the problem. Ther may be a split/merge block that is routing the signal in an unexpected manner.

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Thanks for that question, I forgot to mention that it works fine with other presets. I'll explain more in detail:

The preset has no amp/cab blocks, I run a 1/4 out to the amp, and the plan is to run a FX only XLR to the recording desk for the ability to add a second amp later which will compliment the live one. 

It goes exactly like this: Comp/Phaser/OD/Fuzz/FXLoop1/Delay/Reverb. 


Now that I think about it, I'm guessing the Loop has something to do with it. 


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But if you set the output to multi, 1/4-Out and XLR-Out should sound the same.

I don't think the loop has something to do with it (test it by deaktivating the loop).

Because it works on the other presets, I would guess the preset is faulty.

...Maybe you have a clean Path2 in the preset and the XLR-Output is accidentally activated?

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