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2.81 boot failure, hung and useless


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Just attempted the 2.81 release update, got halfway through (according to the red bar in the updater) had one "click to continue" then it all went to hell  Idled for over four hours.  No motion on the progress bar, Helix floor display reads :-3 in the upper left, Boot Failure.Entered Update Mode!  with the squiggly line animation underneath.  HELP!  I wanted to use this at a gig tonight!!!!

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9 hours ago, RayKrome said:

The Helix itself will not restart completely, nor will it show up in the Edit as a "select device to update"... now what? 


Have you reinstall HX EDIT 2.81? All drivers and the updater are included in this package.

I had the the same issue with 2.8(no divice found in the updater and Helix stucks at "Entered Update Mode!").

It's caused by an USB driver issue. Close all line6 and audio software. Turn off the Helix.

Uninstall all Helix software and reinstall the HX Edit 2.81 software.

Reboot your computer. Turn on the Helix and start the Updater again.

If it still does not work, try switching the USB port. Try to hold F6+F12 at start. If all else fails try updating from another PC


...There are some other topics about this problem in the forum.

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Mine got stuck like that, and I had to turn it off, manually put it in update mode, and restart the update. I can't remember which two footswitches I had to press to get it to do that. I called Line 6 support and they were very helpful at getting it resolved. 

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