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How To Uninstall Hd500x Edit


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Trying to resolve an issue with my laptop.  After trying to flash HD500X which failed and now the unit appears to be bricked, my laptop USB ports (4) are non-functional.  Can't see where to uninstall the edit software.  Trying to clear all Line6 software to try to restore USB functionality.  Any help is appreciated!

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In my laptop (vista) the line 6 uninstaller does not remove the line 6 HD500X Edit software.

It removes everything else except this. I cannot remove it in the control pannel either... Does anyone know how to remove it with safety?

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There is a free version of revo uninstaller which will get all renbants if really needed,


I have had similar woes.

I found just normal windows unistaller works. When the dialogue comes up select remove the drivers.

Restart PC with usb to the HD connected.

PC will automatically reinstall drivers.


When in monkey don't select to update the drivers

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If you're on Windows 7:



user\AppData\Roaming\Line 6



In the registry delete:



and there's probably an entry under:





But I'm not sure what this entry is as I don't use the install program for Line 6 stuff.

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I have Windows Vista


I've tryed the following:


1 - uninstall everything the uninstaller lets me

2 - deleting the programs\line6 folder, the start menu line6 folder, and the 500x edit dektop shortcut 

3 - reinstall the software again so that the uninstaller would detect the Edit software allowing me to uninstall it after


It doesn't work...

I'm not confortable with deleting regitry files so i'll leave it for now...


Hopefuly line 6 will solve this in an upcoming update... The uninstaller should remove everything...

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