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Audio Cutting Out On M5

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As the title says my M5 is playing up a bit. This is actually my second M5, the first failed within a week so as you can probably imagine this is rather frustrating.

The problem seems to be very common with the M5 where every few minutes the unit suddenly makes a mechanical ticking noise and all audio is cut. To regain audio I just need to hold down the Tap switch to bring it into tuner mode, then exit tuner mode to regain audio.


Yes I have been using the correct power supply that was in the box for the entire lifetime of the unit. The unit has never left my home but in the next few months I will be gigging so need reliable equipment.


Unfortunately I purchased it 15 months ago making it 3 months out of warrantee. Is there anything I can do to fix this or should I just give up on Line 6 for good?

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