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Hx stomp with EHX expression pedal

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Hi L6 forum,


I’m pairing my hx stomp w. EHX next step expression pedal using a ts cable. It works however the sweep is only within a very small  window (few seconds), and doesn’t last the entire physical foot sweep of the pedal.

Should I use a trs cable instead to remedy the problem? Any other suggestions? Thanks 

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I don't think a TRS cable is going to change anything.


A number of Stomp users have indicated running into problems with pedals. You might try reversing the polarity trick in the global settings. For some people that fixed issues they were running into with the expression pedal. If that doesn't work, and you have a TRS cable handy, sure, try it.


If none of that still works then you're probably hosed until/unless Line 6 is able to roll out some sort of update that increases the number of pedals that work with the Stomp. 

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So I tried a trs cable and it worked at first.  The Ehx expression pedal paired with the stomp when assigning. However as I played with it it was not working properly with polarity. Shutting off when dropping the pedal to the heel (I did not originally reverse polarity).

How can an expression pedal work one second then not properly the next? Guess I gotta wait for that long awaited L6 update for expression pedal compatibility. 

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