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Can't update Spider V 30 with SpiderRemote app

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Trying to update my new (to me) Spider V 30 to the latest software. Current software is 0.05.0a - I think this might be an ex display model or something?


Anyway, I can connect the phone alright - the app prompts me to update. Once I try to update I get an error message that says 'Device Update Failed:('


I can't seem to get it past this? The Line6 help page says that I need to press both the amp+FX buttons to get the amp into update mode, but I can't seem to get this to work. Doesn't matter how long I hold those buttons down for, it doesn't go into any update mode.


Anyone else experienced anything like this? Is updating via PC any more reliable than via the IOS app?

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Hi gwopponz, 


The firmware installed on your unit is from Spider V's very first release, which is most likely the reason of the update issue. 


I recommend updating your Spider V to the latest firmware with a computer via USB. 


To do this, download the Line 6 updater from here: https://line6.com/software/ and connect your Spider V via USB. 


Download the latest firmware: 2.00.0


Feel free to respond with any questions you may have, thank you!

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